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Constructability Concepts and Practice

Constructability Concepts and Practice

Constructability Concepts and Practice

Edited by John A. Gambatese; James B. Pocock; and Phillip S. Dunston

2007 / 156 pp.

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Prepared by the Constructability Committee of the Construction Research Council of the Construction Institute of ASCE.

Constructability is the integration of construction knowledge and experience in the planning, design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning phases of a project consistent with overall project objectives. Over the past several decades, much thought and effort has been devoted to improving constructability through the integrated efforts of owners, designers, and constructors. While a significant amount of research on the topic is currently included in project delivery processes, additional work is required to more fully understand how to optimize constructability on a project.

This report is an indispensable resource of constructability knowledge for a broad audience of industry professionals. To stimulate additional exploration of the concept and improve future projects, the book covers timely constructability topics such as state of practice, impacts, tools and resources, and education and training.

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