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Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems

Earthquakes/Building Equipment

Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems

Bridging the Implementation Gap

Jeffrey A. Gatscher; Gary L. McGavin, AIA; and Philip J. Caldwell

ASCE Press

2012 / 416 pp.

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Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems presents a framework for applying the latest earthquake engineering research to the nonstructural elements of individual building projects, concentrating on mechanical and electrical systems. The seismic performance of these systems and their components is critical in order to minimize damage and life-threatening risks associated with seismic events while also protecting capital investment. And just as the seismic engineering of structures is shifting from prescriptive-based standards to performance-based approaches, the same is happening for building equipment and systems. For practicing engineers, a gap has opened between what is required and what is available to meet those requirements.

In this book, Gatscher, McGavin, and Caldwell bridge that gap. They prescribe a systems engineering approach to nonstructural design and present several case studies to demonstrate this approach. They provide an extensive survey of different methods for qualifying equipment and systems, including analysis, dynamic testing, earthquake experience data, and comparative assessment using combined methods. They also address issues of implementation, including qualification ownership, component life-cycle, and verification tools.

This book is a must-have for any engineer designing or specifying nonstructural systems and their components for a building in an area with seismic risks. It will also be a valuable reference for architects, construction managers, and building code officials.

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