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Effects of Urbanization on Groundwater

Effects of Urbanization on Groundwater

Effects of Urbanization on Groundwater

An Engineering Case-Based Approach for Sustainable Development

Edited by Ni-Bin Chang

2010 / 410 pp.

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Sponsored by the Urbanization Effects on Groundwater Task Committee of the Groundwater Hydrology Committee of the Groundwater Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE.

What are the regional differences in stormwater and wastewater management technology approaches to urbanization? How can wetland extent and function be incorporated as an integral part of urban infrastructure systems, including effects on groundwater level?

Addressing questions such as these, this book presents sustainable systems engineering technologies and applies them to the management of water in urban areas. To promote sustainable management of water, chapters examine the interactions among energy, environment, ecology, and socioeconomic paradigms and describe the challenges and opportunities facing engineers, scientists, and policymakers.

Topics fall into four broad categories:

  • water supply and pollution prevention;
  • stormwater management with regional infiltration technologies;  
  • wastewater treatment and disposal with nutrient removal; and  
  • low impact development with landscape architecture technologies.  

Within these categories, chapters range from the fundamental theory to physical, chemical, and biological processes, to the coupled human and natural environment, to the representation of simulated evolutionary pathways.

This volume makes a strong case for sustainable development and management and helps to expose how sensitive key water quantity and quality management targets are to urban development.

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