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Energy Production and Reservoir Water Quality

Energy Production and Reservoir Water Quality

Energy Production and Reservoir Water Quality

A Guide to the Regulatory, Technical, and Theoretical Basis for Required Studies

Edited by James Martin, John Higgins, John Edinger, and John Gordon

2007 / 372 pp.

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Prepared by the Environmental Effects Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE.

This report examines the inextricable link between energy production and reservoir water quality, which poses an ongoing challenge for civil engineers. Energy production processes can influence reservoir water quality, and reservoir water quality can limit energy production. This book presents the regulatory framework driving the need for technical evaluations and the tools currently available for assessing both production and water quality.

Along with six case studies, topics include:

  • regulatory framework;
  • fundamental water quality processes;
  • numerical hydrodynamic and transport models for reservoirs;
  • water quality modeling theory; and
  • modeling systems and their application.

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