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Numerical Methods in Structural Mechanics

Numerical Methods in Structural Mechanics

Numerical Methods in Structural Mechanics

Zdenek Bittnar and Jirí Šejnoha

ASCE Press

1996 / 436 pp.

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Copublished by ASCE Press and Thomas Telford.

This book provides a clear understanding of the nature and theoretical basis of the most widely used numerical methods in structural mechanics—the finite element method (FEM) and the boundary element method (BEM)—while at the same time presenting the most promising directions for future developments. The authors address mainly methods that have proven to be the most reliable and efficient, as well as methods currently under rapid development. Examples illustrate various computational algorithms and compare their accuracy and efficacy, as well as elucidate the mechanical processes under investigation. Traditional examples that are already covered by standard textbooks have been deliberately omitted. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of basic principles, rather than on the details of individual numerical algorithms.

The book covers all topics essential for students of elementary and intermediate courses on numerical methods in solid mechanics. It also serves as a useful reference for researchers and other professionals. This book was recently translated from the highly regarded, original Czech edition.

About the Authors
Zdenek Bittnar is a professor and head of the Division of Computational Mechanics at Czech Technological University in Prague.

Jirí Šejnoha is a professor and head of the Department of Structural Mechanics, also at Czech Technological University in Prague.

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