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Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting

Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting

Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting

Raymond W. Henn, Ph.D., P.E., and Nathan C. Soule, P.E., P.G.

ASCE Press

2010 / 92 pp.

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Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting presents the technical and practical information required by engineers to plan and implement grouting programs that are cost effective and technically sound. As a key component of modern grouting programs, ultrafine cement is an ideal solution for geotechnical engineers and construction contractors who are grappling with the challenges of managing costs while developing sites that may be less than ideal. Increasingly, the virtues of ultrafine cement lead engineers and contractors to use it rather than the less-expensive portland cements.

The authors concisely define ultrafine cement, describe its engineering properties, and explain its manufacture, packaging, and storage. Mixing and pumping procedures and quality control issues are covered, as well as recommendations for specifying ultrafine cement in contracts. An appendix offers 16 brief project descriptions.

Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting is a fundamental reference that will be consulted frequently by geotechnical engineers who specify grouting materials for construction projects.

About the Authors: Raymond W. Henn, Ph.D., P.G.,  is a principal of Lyman Henn, Inc., where he is responsible for tunnel and underground engineering and for construction management services. He is the author of Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures (ASCE Press, 1996) and the editor of AUA Guidelines for Backfilling and Contact Grouting of Tunnels and Shafts (ASCE Press, 2003).

Nathan C. Soule, P.E., P.G., A.M.ASCE, is a project engineer at Lyman Henn, Inc., working on geotechnical and geological projects.

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