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The Tensioned Fabric Roof

Tensioned Fabric Roof

The Tensioned Fabric Roof

Craig G. Huntington, S.E.

ASCE Press

2004 / 218 pp.

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The Tensioned Fabric Roof presents state-of-the-art design of fabric tension structures. This book describes the fundamentals of a fabric structure's design and construction as required by engineers, contractors, and architects. Huntington discusses the unusual character of the fabric structure industry and its implications for how structures are marketed, designed, and constructed. Chapters examine the fundamentals of membrane behavior, the possibilities and limitations in roof form, fabric materials, analytical techniques, structural details, fabrication and erection, and nonstructural design parameters that include daylighting, energy use, acoustics, and fire safety.

Written by an experienced practitioner of fabric structure design, this book methodically addresses all aspects of the design and construction process. Structural engineers will gain an understanding of shaping, analysis, and design of members and connections; architects will learn the possibilities and limitations in fabric roof form, as well as the means of achieving successful energy, lighting, acoustical, and fire safety performance; and contractors will receive invaluable information related to their fabrication and erection. The book includes special 24-page color insert of notable installations around the world.

About the Author Craig G. Huntington, S.E., is president of Huntington Design Associates, Inc., in Oakland, California, He has more than 25 years of experience in the design of tensioned fabric structures, as well as the structural design of wood, steel, and concrete framed buildings.

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