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Ten Commandments of Better Contracting

Ten Commandments of Better Contracting

Ten Commandments of Better Contracting

A Practical Guide to Adding Value to an Enterprise through More Effective SMART Contracting

Francis T. Hartman

ASCE Press

2003 / 476 pp.

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Ten Commandments of Better Contracting provides a fresh look at management of supply chains with a particular focus on contracting for construction and related goods and services. With the objective of getting more out of contracts, Hartman draws on recent research, extensive professional and practical experience, and even trial and error in testing contracting innovations. The book explores issues such as games played, proven solutions to common problems, the importance of business relationships, trust, and other issues not typically addressed in books on this topic.

In readable style, every chapter focuses on real-world problems and offers suggestions that help improve the performance of next and future contracts. The book outlines ten basic rules ("commandments") for improving contract performance, which are illustrated with cartoons, icons, and case studies. The closing chapter presents a successful contracting strategy that applies these commandments in a cohesive approach. This proven strategy has yielded better results than industry norms when intelligently applied.

About the Author
Francis Hartman, Ph.D., is the director of the Project Management Specialization at the University of Calgary. A renowned authority on project management, he has more than 20 years of industrial experience.

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