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Residential Building Loads

Residential Building Loads

Residential Building Loads

Review and Roadmap for the Future

Edited by Jay H. Crandell, P.E., Thomas M. Kenney, P.E., and David Rosowsky, P.E.

2006 / 56 pp.

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Prepared by the Special Project Committee on Residential Building Loads of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. Additional support provided by the National Association of Home Builders; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This report identifies current knowledge and areas for additional research with regard to structural design loads for residential building applications. The application of structural loads for efficient residential building design has seen increased use in recent years. As structural loads are used more often for one- and two-family dwelling and for manufactured housing, knowledge evolves and needs emerge to improve accuracy and enhance the application of this approach.

As a technical resource, this report identifies and reviews existing knowledge on 14 topics related to design loads for residential building applications. As a roadmap to coordinate research and implementation efforts, this document provides strategic recommendations to address technical and functional needs.

This report will be beneficial to structural engineers, contractors, researchers, and all others involved in residential building and design.

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