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Guidelines for the Physical Security of Water Utilities (56-10) and of Wastewater/Stormwater Utilities (57-10)

Physical Security of Utilities (56-10 & 57-10)

Guidelines for the Physical Security of Water Utilities (56-10) and of Wastewater/Stormwater Utilities (57-10)

American Society of Civil Engineers

Standards ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 56-10, 57-10

2011 / 126 pp.

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These standards offer guidelines that apply to the physical security of facilities with potable water source, treatment, and distribution systems, as well as with wastewater collection and treatment systems and stormwater systems. Taken together, these standards can provide direction for utilities as they design or retrofit their infrastructure to ensure the physical security of water and wastewater/stormwater systems. Recommendations include the use of physical and electronic security measures to protect against various design-basis threats that could otherwise defeat the mission of the utility. Other considerations for utilities applying specific security technologies and methods are included.

Additional physical security for water and wastewater/stormwater facilities is beneficial for continuity of business, protection of water quality, provision of sufficient water quantity, ensuring public confidence, and protection of public health and safety.

These new standard guidelines, based on draft guidelines prepared by ASCE and the American Water Works Association, with technical input from the Water Environment Federation, will be valuable to anyone involved with the physical security of water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities.

A Supplement to these standards may be downloaded from the ASCE Library.

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