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Lessons from the Oklahoma City Bombing

Lessons from the Oklahoma City Bombing

Lessons from the Oklahoma City Bombing

Defensive Design Techniques

Eve E. Hinman, P.E., and David J. Hammond

ASCE Press

1997 / 60 pp.

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The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 caused massive structural damage. This book documents the incident from the structural engineer's perspective, covering the weapon used, the specific damage sustained, and vulnerabilities inherent in the building's design. The authors, who were closely involved in events immediately after the blast, describe the initial hazard assessment, offer a chronological log of engineerring activities, and present a guide to building collapse evaluation. They also recount the hazard mitigation steps taken during the rescue and recovery process.

This book describes principles and practical methods for deterring explosive threats and mitigating damage for both new and existing buildings. The authors emphasize cost-effective measures that maintain the architectural integrity of facilities while providing a higher level of protection for the occupants in case of a catastrophic event.

This book provides an ideal reference for the building owner, security specialist, engineer, or architect planning to limit risks for new or existing buildings.

About the Authors
Eve E. Hinman, P.E., Eng.Sc.D., is a consulting engineer in Mill Valley, California; in 1995, she worked as senior engineer at Failure Analysis, Inc.

David J. Hammond, S.E., is a structural engineer who serves as a consultant for the design of concrete, wood, and steel buildings.

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