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Management of the Hanford Engineer Works in World War II

Management of the Hanford Engineer Works in WWII

Management of the Hanford Engineer Works in World War II

How the Corps, DuPont, and the Metallurgical Laboratory Fast Tracked the Original Plutonium Works

Harry Thayer

ASCE Press

1996 / 234 pp.

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Combining in-depth research with first-hand interviews of key participants in the project, Thayer engagingly recounts an important aspect of America's race to develop atomic weapons. He describes the organization and management methods behind one of the major engineering achievements of the 20th century—the design and construction of the original plutonium-production plant at Hanford, Washington.

Hanford's extraordinarily short and successful development is described and placed in the context of the contemporaneous crisis conditions: fear, urgency, and daunting uncertainties in science, engineering, procurement, and construction. The efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, DuPont, and the Metallurgical Laboratory are described in depth, in addition to detailed discussions of the desperate nature of the crisis, labor conditions, technologies, and intangibles of those wartime years. Thayer pinpoints 38 principal reasons for Hanford's success; describes what the engineers, builders, and operators actually did; and presents figures and tables to illustrate the severely time-constrained problems of parallel development.

About the Author
Harry Thayer has participated in the design of more than 70 industrial plants over a career of more than 40 years.

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