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Permafrost Foundations

Permafrost Foundations

Permafrost Foundations

State of the Practice

Edited by Edwin S. Clarke

TCCRE Monographs

2007 / 94 pp.

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Prepared by the Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering of ASCE.

This TCCRE Monograph presents the most current techniques available for the design and construction of  foundations on permafrost. As construction expands into northern latitudes, it is critical to get information about soil conditions and geotechnical and structural issues into the hands of engineering professionals dealing with the many challenges of building on frozen soils. A lack of understanding about the complex technical issues involved in building under extreme conditions can result in settlement or jacking of the soils and lead to conditions ranging from sloping buildings to swayback roofs to complete structural collapse. This monograph includes eight chapters, which present the authors' experiences in both the design and remedial actions required for the continued successful performance of these systems.

This monograph will be beneficial to geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, and anyone involved in design and construction on frozen soils.

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