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Managing International Operations

Managing International Operations

Managing International Operations

A Guide for Engineers, Architects, and Construction Managers

Roozbeh Kangari, Ph.D., and Chester L. Lucas

ASCE Press

1997 / 164 pp.

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This book provides practical guidance on coping successfully with the challenges of international operations and foreign business. Understanding client communications, new cultures, and local politics and dealing with a diverse group of senior professionals make international work unusual and challenging. By developing attitudes of awareness and understanding, professionals will be better equipped to enter and compete in the international market.

Kangari and Lucas offer detailed discussions of practical approaches for planning and executing fact-finding studies, selecting associates, marketing, presenting proposals, and negotiating contracts.

Topics include:

  • organization
  • project management
  • logistics
  • personnel
  • financial management techniques
  • claims
  • politics
  • unstable conditions
  • buildingcommitment
  • the qualification process
  • interviews and presentations
  • successful negotiations and strategies
  • managing multinationals
  • wars, military coups, and terrorism.

This book will be particularly useful to design professionals; graduate and undergraduate students studying international construction; individuals, such as exporters, bankers, lawyers, accountants, contractors, suppliers, who work internationally.

About the Authors
Roozbeh Kangari, Ph.D., is professor and director of the Construction Resource Center at the College of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Chester L. Lucas (1915-1996) had more than 45 years of engineering experience with the U.S. Army and Sverdrup Corporation, culminating in work as a consultant to architects, engineers, and contractors with international operations.

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