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Multihazard Issues in the Central United States

Multihazard Issues in the Central United States

Multihazard Issues in the Central United States

Understanding the Hazards and Reducing the Losses

Edited by James E. Beavers, Ph.D., P.E.

CDRM Monographs CDRM 3

2009 / 120 pp.

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Prepared by the Council on Disaster Risk Management of ASCE.

This CDRM Monograph contains a collection of papers presented at a 2006 symposium on the natural and technological hazards occurring in the central United States, specifically in Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee. The papers cover frequent natural hazards—including floods, heat, winter storms, thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, landslides, and tornadoes—as well as frequent technological hazards—including hazardous materials, nuclear incidents, dam failures, and terrorism. Papers briefly identify governmental regulations and describe details of major natural and technological hazards. This monograph outlines some of the more important issues that should be addressed in the development of comprehensive national and state hazard plans and action scenarios.

This publication is invaluable to engineers involved in disaster risk assessment and mitigation, lifelines, and owners and operators of public and private infrastructure systems.

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