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Infrastructure Risk Management Processes

Infrastructure Risk Management Processes

Infrastructure Risk Management Processes

Natural, Accidental, and Deliberate Hazards

Edited by Craig Taylor and Erik VanMarcke

CDRM Monographs CDRM 1

2006 / 302 pp.

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Prepared by the Risk and Vulnerability Committee of the Council on Disaster Risk Management of ASCE

This CDRM Monograph discusses quantification of exposure and vulnerability of complex, spatially distributed systems, yielding estimates of local and systemwide potential losses for different alternatives in multihazard decision situations. These situations require an integration of scientific, engineering, social, administrative, psychological, and political processes with advances, setbacks, and many uncertainties. This monograph consists of eight papers that illustrate work done to date and plans for work to be done on managing these risks for potable water, electric power, transportation, and other infrastructure systems threatened by earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, severe storms, saboteurs, and various other hazards.

Topics include:

  • hazard issues;
  • systems evaluation issues;
  • risk criteria issues; and
  • systems management issues.

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