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Inland Navigation Channel

Inland Navigation

Channel Training Works

Task Committee on Inland Navigation of the Waterways Committee; edited by Thomas J. Pokrefke, P.E.

Manuals of Practice (MOP) MOP 124

2013 / 186 pp.

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Prepared by the Task Committee on Inland Navigation of the Waterways Committee of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE.

Inland Navigation: Channel Training Works presents design guidance on structures that reshape a river channel to create reliable depths and widths for safe and dependable vessel transit. This Manual of Practice focuses on training structures used in open-river channels with flow in one direction (non-tidal), and many of the structures are also appropriate for use on low-head (no reservoir storage capacity) lock-and-dam river systems. It describes in detail the proper use of dikes and revetments and explains how to design channel dimensions and alignment so that little or no maintenance dredging is required.

Topics include:

  • sediment management in river channels
  • evolution of training works in the United States
  • training structure types and layout
  • dikes
  • revetments
  • other types of training works
  • case studies
  • costs
  • environmental design
  • model studies
  • performance evaluation and inspection
  • repair techniques
Includes a glossary and a reprint of a 1991 paper on an analytical method to determine dike length.

MOP 124 is a key reference for navigation engineers working on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects or in the private sector, as well as state and local government officials charged with managing river systems.

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