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So, You Live Behind a Levee!

So, You Live Behind a Levee!

So, You Live Behind a Levee!

What You Should Know to Protect Your Home and Loved Ones from Floods

American Society of Civil Engineers

2010 / 28 pp.

Soft Cover - In Stock
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Stock No. 41083 / ISBN: 9780784410837


Ask yourself this: Are my home and loved ones safe from floods?

Most people know that levees are structures built near rivers and lakes to reduce the risk of flooding. But what does it mean to live behind a levee? How much protection does a levee really provide? What do you need to know to remain as safe as possible?

So, You Live Behind a Levee! was created to help answer your questions about levees and their associated risk. Most importantly, it is intended to help you act now to better protect yourself against future flood threats.

Free download of the report in PDF format from the ASCE Library.

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