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The Project Manager's CADD Survival Guide

Project Manager's CADD Survival Guide

The Project Manager's CADD Survival Guide

Stephen M. Benz, P.E.

ASCE Press

1997 / 180 pp.

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Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) represents one of the most significant advances in production ever experienced in the engineering industry. This book provides a solid understanding of the fundamental differences between the CADD production environment and traditional manual drafting methods; it also examines how CADD offers better efficiency and cost savings. The author introduces the use of CADD on design projects and explains basic concepts surrounding the management and use of the computer and CADD systems at the project level. The way that CADD can affect every components of a project manager's job is explained.

Topics include:

  • client requirements
  • project control and CADD workflow;
  • the transition to CADD and staffing implications;
  • the role of the project manager;
  • hardware, software, and operating systems;
  • CADD concepts;
  • traps, tricks, and case studies
  • risk management and financial considerations;
  • maintaining realistic expectations;
  • CADD training; and
  • the future of computer-based design.

This book helps engineering and architectural project managers to deal more effectively with the rapidly changing technologies of the design industry.

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