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Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar

Strengthening the Civil Engineering Profession

Edited by Jeffrey S. Russell, Ph.D., P.E., and Thomas A. Lenox, Ph.D.

2013 / 278 pp.

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Raise the Bar: Strengthening the Civil Engineering Profession provides engineering educators and practitioners with a synopsis of the initiative to redefine the preparation of the engineer of the 21st century. Since 1998, the American Society of Civil Engineers has articulated the position that, in the future, education beyond the baccalaureate degree would be necessary for entry into the professional practice of civil engineering. Through a variety of efforts, including the development and implementation of a civil engineering Body of Knowledge, changes in accreditation criteria, and modification of state laws for licensure, ASCE has been a leading advocate in changing the way we prepare today’s engineering students to be tomorrow’s civil engineers.

 This collection contains 10 papers recording the history and evaluating the effectiveness of ASCE’s Raise the Bar initiative. These papers include current and accurate information about the broad areas of professionalism, the Body of Knowledge, curricula and experiential development, accreditation, and licensing. They provide a foundation for future efforts to change the education and practice of civil engineering. Collectively, they offer an integrated and holistic perspective on the Raise the Bar initiative.

This volume is a handy reference for engineering educators, students, practitioners concerned about the future of the civil engineering profession, and state licensing officials.

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