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Cold Regions Utilities Monograph

Cold Regions Utilities

Cold Regions Utilities Monograph

Third Edition

Edited by Daniel W. Smith

1996 / 780 pp.

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Sponsored by the Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering of ASCE and the Cold Regions Engineering Division of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.

Cold Regions Utilities Monograph introduces the basic principles of environmental engineering in cold regions, where long period of extremely low temperatures, frozen ground conditions, small populations, and limited access pose significant engineering challenges. This volume focuses on the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure components for the delivery of water, the removal of liquid and solid wastes, and the provision of power for services in the extremely cold environments found in the far north or south.

Topics include:

  • planning, geotechnical, and thermal considerations
  • water source development
  • water treatment, storage, and distribution
  • wastewater collection and treatment
  • utilidors
  • central facilities
  • remote camps
  • individual on-site systems
  • fire protection
  • solid and hazardous waste management
  • energy management
Appendixes provide additional information on piping options, vehicle-haul systems, snowdrifting and snow loads, and freeze protection.

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