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Engineering with the Spreadsheet

Engineering with the Spreadsheet

Engineering with the Spreadsheet

Structural Engineering Templates Using Excel

Craig T. Christy, P.E.

ASCE Press
includes CD-ROM with unlocked Excel spreadsheet

2006 / 334 pp.

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Stock No. 40827 / ISBN: 9780784408278
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Today, the spreadsheet is an essential tool for engineers. Christy provides the tools needed to quickly apply the powerful analytic capability of Microsoft Excel to structural engineering applications. The book presents more than 50 ready-to-use Excel templates that demonstrate basic calculations and presentation techniques as well as advanced functions that may be unfamiliar to even experienced users. Applications include concrete, wind and seismic issues, foundatin soil loading, the vortex shedding of tall stacks, and other engineering issues.

Beneficial to professionals and college students alike, Engineering with the Spreadsheet is an indispensable resource for structural engineers.

Note to customers: The print edition of this book contains a CD-ROM with unlocked Excel files. The e-book edition is accompanied by a downloadable .zip file for the Excel files. Microsoft Excel software is not included; Excel 2000 or above is recommended.

About the Author
Craig T. Christy, P.E., is the owner of Industry Consulting Engineers of Portland, Oregon, a firm that offers structural engineering and drafting services to clients in the pulp and paper, manufacturing, high-tech, and utility industries.

Product Reviews 

"This book is very well written and easy to read and contains many illustrations and graphs, tables, examples, and references. It can serve as a resource for anyone involved in structural engineering, as well as a course resource for undergraduate studies in civil engineering." —Choice: Reviews for Academic Libraries 

"Mr. Christy has provided a book of templates that allows the user to follow all of the steps of design and manipulate the process as necessary. It is a valuable tool for the experienced engineer and a learning experience for those new to the field of structural engineering, opening a window into the thought process of an experienced designer." —Darla J. Wall, P.E., Principal Engineer, Willamette Building Solutions

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