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Guide to Post-Earthquake Investigation of Lifelines

Guide to Post-Earthquake Investigation of Lifeline

Guide to Post-Earthquake Investigation of Lifelines

Earthquake Investigations Committee; edited by Anshel J. Schiff

TCLEE Monographs TCLEE 11

1998 / 758 pp.

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Prepared by the Earthquake Investigations Committee of the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE.

This TCLEE Monograph presents guidelines to aid in the gathering and dissemination of information that can be used to improve the performance of lifelines during and immediately after an earthquake. It is intended to improve the research and findings resulting from post-earthquake investigations. The beginning chapters describe preparations for a post-earthquake investigation and summarize the phenomena related to earthquakes and their effect on lifelines. Subsequent chapters focus on specific lifeline systems, describing typical system configurations and overall operation. System facilities and equipment are described for each lifeline, including their role in overall system operation and their seismic performance. Detailed guidance is provided for their investigation.

Lifeline systems include: electric power, water, wastewater, transportation, air transportation, harbors and inland waterways, highways, railways. Also covered are such important components and systems as transportation management, telecommunications, natural gas, liquid fuel, emergency power, power-generating dams, navigational locks, emergency operation centers, hospitals, fire protection and rescue, and storage tanks. Appendixes present checklists for use in the field during investigations, formats for reconnaissance reports, tips on technical report writing, and references.

TCLEE 11 will help post-earthquake investigators become familiar with the overall operation of major lifeline systems, with the function and operation of lifeline facilities and equipment, with past seismic performance, and with methods to gather pertinent information.

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