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From Sundaes to Space Stations

From Sundaes to Space Stations

From Sundaes to Space Stations

Careers in Civil Engineering

2011 / 144 pp.

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Stock No. EESC1 / ISBN: 09780981930039

Published by Engineering Education Service Center. Suitable for grades 6-8.

For some folks, a job is just a way to pay the bills. But when a career fits a person's passions and personality, work can be a source of great satisfaction and success. From Sundaes to Space Stations is designed to help middle-schoolers discover the wealth of opportunities in a civil engineering career. Brockman is upbeat and engaging as he explains how civil engineering and architecture are different; describes what engineers, scientists, and inventors do; and shows kids in practical terms what it means to be a civil engineer today.

Readers will learn:

  • about the many different types of civil engineers,
  • what civil engineers do everyday,
  • areas of specialization within the field,
  • how civil engineers apply the engineering design process, and
  • how to get started in this exciting career.

The inspiring real-life stories of civil engineers enthusiastic about making changes in the world can help students match their interests to one of the many civil engineering pathways and find a lifetime of gratifying work and success.

About the Author
Reed Brockman is a passionate educator and senior structural engineer and inspection specialist in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also senior vice president of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers and chair of its Committee on Public Awareness and Outreach. He cofounded ThinkFest and founded the Ralph Salvucci Online Bridge Design Contest. ASCE awarded him the Edmund Freeman Award for Professional Recognition and Boston Society of Civil Engineers gave him the Citizen Engineer Award and the President's Award.

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