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Inca Engineering Three-Book Set

Inca Engineering 3-book set

Inca Engineering Three-Book Set

Machu Picchu, Tipon, and Moray

Kenneth R. Wright, P.E., L.S.; Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, Ph.D.; Ruth M. Wright, J.D.; and Gordon McEwan, Ph.D.

ASCE Press

2011 / 3 vols. / 538 pp.

Soft Cover - In Stock
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Stock No. 41199 / ISBN: 9780784411995

Nobody explains the ingenious ways that the ancient Inca engineered their cities better than Ken Wright and his colleagues. These three books open a unique window on the everyday life of the Inca by showing how they collected, used, and disposed of precious water resources. Each book encapsulates the original engineering and scientific research by Ken Wright, Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, Gordon McEwan, Ruth Wright, and others.

Marvel at the water systems of Machu Picchu. Tour the canals, plazas, and fountains of Tipon. Ponder the riddle of the sunken terraces of Moray. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and drawings, these books are accessible to all readers interested in the Inca civilization.

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