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More of the Civil Engineering Life

Brian Brenner, P.E.

ASCE Press

2010 / 240 pp.

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If you've ever been asked to calculate the live load for a herd of elephants…
If you've ever built a sand castle to study soil mechanics…
If you've ever had to choose between your date and your favorite bridge…

…Brian Brenner has written the book for you. Bridginess: More of the Civil Engineering Life—sequel to his popular Don't Throw This Away! The Civil Engineering Life—finds Brenner turning his pen and his signature wit to the subjects of urban sprawl, airport infrastructure planning, and, of course, bridges. After reading this collection, you will know bridges from more angles than a through truss. You will think twice before placing a salad on the roof of your car. And you will know just what makes a truly great college response letter.

These essays range from humorous to informative, autobiographical to historical. They encompass the full range of Brenner's talent as a writer, as well as an engineer. With his charming and fluid style, Brenner makes civil engineering funny, interesting, and at times, even glamorous.

About the AuthorBrian Brenner, P.E., is a vice president and structural engineer with Fay, Spofford and Thorndike in Burlington, Massachusetts. Brenner's work includes bridge design projects throughout New England and the New York metropolitan area. He also contributes as a professor of the practice at Tufts University, where he teaches the bridge and concrete design classes and advises students on several research projects. In 2008, Brenner received the Fischer Award, given to the Tufts Engineering School Professor of the Year.

Product Reviews"Should Hollywood ever decide that America is ready for a sitcom... centered on the life and work of an engineer, Brian Brenner, P.E., will no doubt be receiving plenty of offers to be a script consultant.... There is something deeply appealing about someone who knows enough to be taken very seriously yet refuses to take himself too seriously."—Civil Engineering magazine

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