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Trenchless Technology Piping

Trenchless Technology Piping

Trenchless Technology Piping

Installation and Inspection

Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., P.E.

ASCE Press

2010 / 448 pp.

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Stock No. MC928 / ISBN: 9780071489287

Copublished by McGraw-Hill Professional and ASCE Press.

Trenchless Technology Piping is the first detailed guide to pipe installation and renewal using trenchless technology methods. This step-by-step resource explains how to create a more efficient process for the design, construction, and inspection of trenchless technology piping—and shows how to save time and money with a state-of-the-art project management system.

Packed with illustrations and a range of national and international case studies and examples, the book covers proper planning; contracting and procuring; and installation and inspection of different pipe materials, as well as testing and acceptance methods, project contract and delivery, and safety issues. This cutting-edge engineering tool also contains vital information on quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) guidelines.

Topics include:

  • Pre-installation, installation, and post-installation requirements
  • Detailed coverage of field and laboratory testing
  • Proven methods of project delivery and final inspection
  • The latest information on asset management and sustainability of pipeline systems
  • Effective procedures for project planning and contract administration

This expert guide to trenchless technology piping methods provides detailed information on each aspect of a project, inlcuding:

  • trenchless technology design considerations
  • project planning, contracting, and delivery requirements
  • pre- and post-installation and requirements
  • new pipe materials
  • project layout
  • project safety considerations
  • quality control/quality assurance guidelines 

About the Author
Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., P.E., is an assistant professor, the coordinator of the Construction and Infrastructure Engineering and Management area, and the director of the Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the editor of ASCE's new Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice.

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