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Hurricane Ike Field Investigations

Hurricane Ike Field

Hurricane Ike Field Investigations

A Report of Field Operations from October 3-6, 2008

Hurricane Ike Field Assessment Team; edited by Billy Edge and Lesley Ewing

2013 / 136 pp.

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Prepared by the Hurricane Ike Field Assessment Team of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE.

Hurricane Ike Field Investigations: A Report of Field Operations from October 3-6, 2008 describes the environmental and infrastructure impacts of Hurricane Ike on the upper Texas coast. Most important, the report identifies factors that appeared to provide protection from storm damage and presents some policy implications.

After a general introduction to the area, its geology, historical storm events and rehabilitation, and coastal processes, the book describes Hurricane Ike, including water levels, storm surge measurements, and comparisons with other storms. It portrays the physical impacts of the storm, such as geomorphic changes, erosion rates, shoreline position, and impact of winds on engineered structures. Damage to and survival of shoreline structures—piers, seawalls, geotextile tubes, groins, and inlet jetties—are also discussed. Subsequent chapters address structural damage to buildings, lifelines and infrastructure, and marinas from wind, flooding, waves, and erosion. Finally, the book raises policy issues and summarizes lessons learned.

Civil engineers engaged in projects related to coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers, especially in hurricane-prone areas; facilities managers in coastal areas; government officials from agencies that participate in coastal zone management or manage emergency preparedness will find the observations and conclusions of this book valuable.

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