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Applied GPS for Engineers and Project Managers

Applied GPS for Engineers

Applied GPS for Engineers and Project Managers

Clement A. Ogaja, Ph.D., L.S.

ASCE Press

2011 / 222 pp.

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Applied GPS for Engineers and Project Managers introduces civil engineers—especially those who are not already licensed surveyors—to the fundamental principles of global positioning technology (GPS). This book covers GPS basics, including positioning and measuring principles, techniques to improve accuracy, and an analysis of low-cost versus high-precision systems. Subsequent chapters explain the considerations for selecting and implementing a GPS system and then demonstrate specific applications of GPS in a variety of engineering situations, including monitoring the health of structures, robotics and machine control, maritime operations, material tracking in large construction sites, site control and design, and monitoring geohazards.

This book will be valuable for all civil engineers interested in benefiting from the use of GPS technologies.

About the Author
Clement A. Ogaja, Ph.D., L.S., is an assistant professor of geomatics engineering in the Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering at California State University in Fresno.

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