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About Civil Engineering


What Is Civil Engineering?

Hartwell Dam, Ga., rotor installationMost people would be surprised by how much their lives are influenced by civil engineers. How do they affect your everyday life? Click here to find out.

The world's most iconic structures were built by civil engineers. See the ones that were named Monuments of the Millennium.

K-12 Outreach

Kathy Caldwell at the Future Cities Competition

Whether you are an individual looking to visit a few classrooms, or an outreach leader for your section or branch, ASCE has training and resources to help you communicate more effectively about civil engineering and engage students of all ages!

Getting Started

Portfolio of Programs

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People & Projects

Hoover Dam

Modern life.
Enduring legacies.

Civil engineers make civilization possible.

Learn about the works and lives of civil engineers, past and present.  


History and Heritage

 Landmarks Index

Civil engineers build the world's infrastructure. In doing so, they have shaped the histories and destinies of every nation. Visit History and Heritage for information on the people, projects, and concepts that are civil engineering's legacies, the programs and events conducted by ASCE's committee, and how you can get involved.

Ask a Civil Engineer

How are civil engineers involved in the design and construction of buildings? Find out here. Have a burning question for a civil engineer? Submit it to Ask a Civil Engineer! Each month we will select an interesting civil engineering question and post the answer.

Me, Myself and Infrastructure

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Explore the infrastructure of a thirsty, car-crazy nation with Me, Myself and Infrastructure, a look at how our everyday lifestyles and infrastructure are inseparable.