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Transportation Infrastructure

Surface Transportation Authorization

ASCE strongly urges Congress to authorize the federal law that funds the nation’s surface transportation as soon as possible. ASCE also urges that a new multi-year program be funded by robust and sustainable sources of revenue, through an increase in the federal motor fuels tax and an assortment of innovative financing techniques.  

ASCE’s 2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure graded the nation’s roads a “D-”, bridges a “C”, and transit a “D”. Nearly all of these grades represent a decrease from the 2005 Report Card and indicate that not only is the nation’s infrastructure crumbling, it is worsening with each passing day. As conditions deteriorate and needed projects are delayed, the cost of repairs will continue to increase. 



Federal Aviation Administration Authorization

ASCE urges Congress to reauthorize federal aviation programs as soon as possible.  

ASCE supports the following goals for aviation infrastructure investment:

  • Increase the aviation user fee to meet the identified level of investment detailed in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems -- $49.7 billion over 5 years.
  • Preserve the current firewalls to allow for full use of trust fund revenues for investment in the nation’s aviation transportation system.
  • Current funding guarantees should be maintained.
  • Airport and Airway Trust Fund balances should be managed to maximize investment.
  • Focus the Airport and Airway Trust Fund expenditures on capital improvement.
  • The Airport and Airway Trust Fund should not be used to pay for security costs but specifically used for air traffic and airport maintenance and improvement.