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Public Policies & Priorities

Public Policies & Priorities main photo

Advancing the cause.

ASCE's policies contribute engineering expertise to the public policy process.

ASCE Policy Statements

In order to promote the goals of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Board of Direction has adopted official Policy Statements, Position Papers and Resolutions on major technical, professional and educational issues of interest to the civil engineering community and the nation. Listed here are the complete texts of the Society's 163 current policy documents. These statements reflect the Board of Direction actions through October 8, 2013.

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How ASCE Develops Policies

In order to fulfill the commitments of its public policy mission, the Board of Direction of ASCE established procedures for its members to develop a consensus on professional, technical and educational issues of concern to the civil engineering community.

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Strategic Initiatives

To achieve its vision for civil engineering, ASCE has established these strategic priorities:

Propose practical solutions to improve America's neglected infrastructure.

Raise the bar 
Establish educational and legal standards necessary to prepare professional engineers to address the future's most pressing challenges.

Embrace civil engineers' role as contributors to a sustainable world.