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ASCE Offers New Legal Journal, Article Previews, RSS Feeds

February 2009 Volume 34, Number 2

 Short Takes

To help engineers gain a better understanding of the legal aspects of their profession, ASCE has announced the debut of the Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction. ASCE is also providing engineers with the means to obtain current and reliable information from its online database, which now features really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, and manuscripts posted upon acceptance.

The first issue of the new journal, which begins publication with the February issue, highlights the vital role that legal systems play in construction administration. The journal, which may be viewed online at no charge at, features thought-provoking papers on a variety of topics related to legal affairs. For example, Kathleen Harmon’s article “A Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project” explains an alternative dispute resolution application. The editor of the new journal is Amarjit Singh, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Among his goals is to provide insight into the legal relationships arising from such factors as dispute avoidance and resolution, sustainability concerns, effective project execution, and the changing nature of project delivery systems. To subscribe to the new journal, visit For more information about submitting papers to the journal, visit

Together with ASCE’s other journals, the Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction will soon make articles available at ASCE’s Online Research Library ( before they have been printed. This new procedure will enable subscribers to view accepted journal articles before they have been copyedited and printed. The purpose of posting articles before they have been printed is to decrease the time between the submission of manuscripts and their publication. The move also enables ASCE to remain competitive in scholarly publishing.

At present only the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering ( posts articles before they have been printed. Subscribers to that journal can click on the “Manuscript Preview” link, which is on the left side of the Web page, or on “View List of Articles,” which is near the top of the page. Once the list of articles appears, subscribers can click on the “Abstract” link after finding the article they’re after or can download the full article by clicking on the “PDF” icon. For ASCE’s other journals, articles posted prior to printing are expected to be accessible by April.

Only those articles that have been submitted using the Editorial Manager—ASCE’s online peer review and production system—will be posted prior to printing. Authors who do not wish to have their articles read prior to publication may opt out during the submission process. Articles may be posted within 72 hours of acceptance.

In addition to the articles posted prior to printing, ASCE’s Online Research Library is offering RSS feeds for all of the Society’s journals. These feeds enable subscribers to receive summaries of new journal articles on their RSS feed “aggregators”—for example, Google Reader—and thus to create personalized online newspapers that are updated automatically. The journals’ RSS feeds are refreshed twice a day, the latest additions appearing at the top of the RSS feed list. An RSS feed link appears on each page associated with a journal or journal article abstract. To sign up for free RSS feeds for any journal, visit