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Partner with ASCE Continuing Education


Why Should Sections and Branches be interested in Continuing Education?

Increasingly ASCE members, as well as engineers in general, find that their needs for continuing professional development cannot be met solely by reading journals and attending meetings. Therefore, professional societies and educational institutions are engaged in programs of continuing education to assist the engineer in assimilating advances in a particular discipline.

Obtaining continuing professional development credits is becoming more important to civil engineers as more state legislatures and registration boards are passing and implementing mandatory continuing professional development requirements for relicensure of professional engineers.

This is creating additional demand for continuing education programs, a trend which will likely escalate in the next few years as more states join in. Interest on the part of ASCE members in acquiring Professional Development Hours (PDH) or Continuing Education Units (CEU) has been growing rapidly. PDHs can be obtained for various Section and Branch activities such as conference sessions and lectures at Section/Branch meetings.

ASCE's Continuing Education Department has been offering high quality continuing education courses since 1973. We can assist your Section or Branch in providing high quality, well developed seminars, short courses and workshops for ASCE members and other civil engineers.

How can ASCE's Continuing Education Department Assist You?

ASCE Continuing Education can work with you in planning continuing education programs. Two different options are available.

The Cooperative Agreement - National Continuing Education takes the major financial responsibility of conducting the seminar including:

  • Brochure Development
  • National Marketing
  • Facility Selection
  • Providing Instructor and Paying Honoraria
  • Establishing the Seminar Price
  • Taking Registrations and Processing Income
  • Providing Registration and Course Materials
  • Providing Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • Paying all Expenses 

    The main responsibilities of the Section or Branch are the needs assessment, the promotional effort and the on-site coordination. The Section/Branch receives 10% of the gross revenue, provided there are 15 or more paid registrants and the seminar is not being co-sponsored with another organization or ASCE entity. The Section/Branch has no out-of-pocket expenses and is not responsible for any loss.  

The Partnership Agreement - The Section or Branch takes the major responsibility of conducting the seminar including:

    • Marketing
    • Brochure Development and Printing
    • Establishing Seminar Price
    • Taking Registration and Processing Income
    • On-Site Coordination

      National Continuing Education sells the seminar to the Section/Branch for a fixed fee and is responsible for providing instructors and paying honoraria, providing registration and course materials, and providing Continuing Education Units.