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Section Branch Newsletter Guide: Newsletter Production and Distribution

Production and distribution of the newsletter will depend largely on the budget.

Advertising revenue can be a means of increasing the budget without increasing dues. This can be done on a small scale with business card advertisements or full newsletter sponsorships. Contacting other similar Sections or Branches regarding their experiences with advertisement sales is recommended.

The cost of the newsletter includes costs relating to preparation, reproduction, and mailing. Mailing costs depend upon the volume of newsletters sent. For large volume mailings, a bulk mail permit may be obtained from the U.S. Postal Service. Contact ASCE National for documentation regarding ASCE's non-profit status. Bulk mailings should be used cautiously, as they are not always delivered in a timely manner. The local post office should be contacted regarding parameters for service.

Newsletter distribution should also be considered. Some Sections/Branches mail only to dues paying members. Other Section/Branches opt to include non-member engineers or engineering companies in an effort to attract new members. Many Sections/Branches send the newsletter via electronic mail, which is quite cost effective.

Geographic Services is offering a new service that will allow Sections and Branches to send broadcast e-mails containing newsletters, meeting announcements and other materials to their members with a reduced risk of having them blocked or undelivered as spam.

The service will use the Section and Branch membership databases to collect names to create lists. The service is free and Sections and Branches can create as many lists as they wish to facilitate the exchange of their different message types. A Section or Branch can participate in the Listserv program by contacting Jennifer Lawrence, Region Administrator, at or 800-548-2723 ext. 6255.

Currently many Sections/Branches have newsletters posted on their web sites. It is a great way to save on mailing and reproduction costs and provide instantaneous access to members. ASCE's Geographic Services Department should also be included in newsletter distribution so they may stay apprised of your activities..

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