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Section Branch Newsletter Guide: Sources For Articles

  • Student Chapter activities.
  • Highlights of member accomplishments.
  • Membership drive information.
  • Humor and/or brainteasers.
  • Younger Member Contacts & Events.
  • President's message.
  • Articles regarding professional and/or technical issues.
  • National committee vacancies.
  • Classified advertisements.
  • Employment classified advertisements.
  • Photographs of local, state, district or national events.
  • Local, state and national ASCE logos.

The best source of articles is usually the Section or Branch Board of Direction and the committee chairs. In some Sections/Branches, it may be appropriate to offer certain primary committees a standing column in the newsletter. Also, the Section or Branch President receives a large volume of mail from National ASCE that may be newsworthy. Local organizations such as technical committees, younger member groups or student chapters should be routinely contacted for articles. Finally, local members are often members of national committees and can provide articles of interest to the membership.

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