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Where can I find an ASCE International Group?

Brazil Italy Kuwait Pakistan Taiwan  
Ecuador   Jordan    Lebanon Peru Turkey
Iraq Kenya New Zealand   South Korea    United Kingdom

What is an ASCE International Group?

International Groups of the American Society of Civil Engineers are formed to provide civil engineers in other countries with opportunities for group activities related to their profession. The main purposes of a Group are to promote technical and professional development of ASCE members residing or visiting a country through meetings and other forms of communication, through study of local engineering practice, and through contact with ASCE World Headquarters; to achieve closer personal acquaintance and spirit of cooperation among engineers; and to cooperate with other local engineering societies in matter of common interest, and to assist in attaining the objectives of ASCE.

Any country may establish an International Group by providing a petition signed by 20 ASCE members in that country, along with a constitution, bylaws and a statement of purpose. The purpose of an International Group is to provide opportunities for group activities and promote technical and professional development among civil engineers in that country. After operating successfully for one year, the Group may upgrade to an International Section.
The Region 10 Board of Governors oversees the operations of 14 international groups, 1 international branch and 18 international sections while providing its chair as a member on the ASCE Board of Direction.

A procedural handbook on establishing an International Group is available by sending your request to:

International Relations
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, Virginia 20191-4400
e-mail: ASCE International Relations

ASCE International Group Contacts
For additional information, please contact ASCE International Relations