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Message from the Region 2 Director

May 2014 Message from the Region 2 Director

Christopher J. Menna, P.E., F. ASCE (Philadelphia Section), Director and Chair (2013-2015)

Menna, Christopher J.Springtime is finally here! I say that because it appears that the last of recent temperature fluctuations, snow, and crazy rain, is now past us. Spring is a time for renewal and reflection and our Board is no exception.

As of our recent March meeting, held in Maryland, I can proudly state that we are fully staffed. Jack Raudenbush has been appointed as Vice-Chair. Bill Brittle has been appointed Treasurer. John Greishaber has continued on as Secretary. John Casana of the National Capital Section, has come on early to fill the void created by Kelly Lennon’s resignation. We respect and wish her much success as a Mom. Also, we welcome Ed Elder of Maryland as our Younger Member Group Representative. During this meeting we also voted to make the PA Legislative Council an official committee within Region 2.

Our website continues to grow by leaps and bounds and we recognize Bob Efimba for all of his hard work as Region 2 Webmaster. I encourage all of you to visit this site. He has done such a good job, that I will not repeat many of the highlights that he featured. Rather, I will focus on other activities.

On April 9th, I visited the Central PA section to participate in their Board and Dinner meeting. It was a pleasure to interact with them and preside over the installation of officers. I was very pleased with my visit there. This Section has new volunteers, new ideas, energy, and an emerging Younger Member Group. Despite having challenges such as geography and sheer member size, this Section is up and coming in my opinion. It is timely that the most recent and two succeeding Assemblies will be within this Section’s boundaries. This will only help them to grow further and prosper.

In early May, Governors Imholte, Raundenbush, and I will visit the PSU Harrisburg Campus to begin the planning process for the 2014 Assembly. The date is tentatively 11/8/14. Also, at the request of the CMU student chapter, Tom Imholte will visit this university on 5/7/14 to officially present an ASCE National Plaque Award. And, our Board will continue with planning and operations via a phone conference to be held on 5/9/14.

For the month of June, we strongly encourage all Region 2 members to participate at the National Concrete Canoe Competition, to be held from 6/19 to 6/22 at UPJ. And, let’s not forget the June 6th, 100th Anniversary of the Maryland Section. I am very happy to report that Our Board will have a strong presence there.

Later this year, we can expect the 2014 release of the update to the PA Report Card. Region 2 is special in that all Sections/areas have been included in at least one Report Card. We are 100% covered. That is a monumental accomplishment that we should all be proud of.

We are making progress in many ways, and will be unveiling more ways to bring value to all of you over the next few months. As always, please contact us with your ideas, concerns, and questions. We are here for you!

Please read and take up the May 2014 Director's Challenge that I have issued in the Announcements Page of this website.