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The Cybrarian Service is a Web-based service that can help you verify a title of an ASCE publication, locate Web sites relevant to your topic, or help you to use different Web search engines.

The Cybrarian service is a combination of FREE and FEE-based Service.

ASCE MEMBERS get 30 minutes FREE research time when they use the service.

For a reasonable fee, ASCE Members and NON-MEMBERS can ask the Cybrarian to answer your specific questions, select bibliographic citations and abstracts, relevant Web sites, and summarize the information for you.

Fee Structure:


Members get thirty (30) minutes of free research time with each request. After that, research time will be charged at a rate of $15.00 for every half-hour after the first thirty minutes. Research time will be billed to the nearest quarter-hour increment.


The hourly rate for research time will be $60.00. Research time will be billed to the nearest quarter-hour increment.

Anyone, member or non-member, requesting any special services such as providing copies of documents, incur additional costs that will be added to the research time charges.

The amount of time you request will depend on the type of service you are requesting. Less time will be needed to search for a specific fact or citation than will be needed to develop a list of references with abstracts. For examples on how to determine the amount of research time to request, check out the page on Request Times and Sample Searches.