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SPAG (State Public Affairs Grants) Program

The State Public Affairs Grants program was created in 1997 as a resource to help ASCE Sections undertake media relations and government relations outreach projects at the state and local level. The goal of SPAG is to enhance the image of civil engineers as leaders and experts on America’s vital infrastructure systems and to encourage advocacy on ASCE priority issues that are important to civil engineers. By applying for a SPAG grant, your Section can leverage current Section funding for a new initiative, add a new component to your existing work, or fund an innovative idea for outreach.  In order to better serve the outreach efforts of Sections, two SPAG grant levels are provided – Small Grants and Large Grants.

Small Grants: Proposals up to $1,500 are eligible for Small Grants. One grant proposal is required per project. Small Grants are intended for Sections to fund a single component of a larger program or for a one-time expense. A short proposal and report is required for Small Grants.

Large Grants: Proposals between $1,500 and $5,000 are eligible for Large Grants. One grant proposal per project is required. Large Grants are intended for Sections to fund a larger initiative or a significant addition to an existing outreach activity. Large Grants require a comprehensive proposal and detailed reports. The Section should have a project leader and do a considerable amount of project planning prior to applying for a Large Grant.

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If you have any questions about the eligibility of a program, contact staff for guidance before submitting the proposal.