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Guidelines for New Nationally Recognized Competition Proposals

The Committee on Student Members (CSM) enthusiastically encourages the promotion of new civil engineering-related competitions. To become ASCE sponsored (meaning that ASCE provides additional funding and staff assistance) the promoters of the competition must submit a proposal to CSM containing a description of the competition goals and how the following criteria have been met:

  1. The competition has an established set of rules and described roles for judges.
  2. The competition has a proven and willing sponsor that can provide support for costs associated with the competition (examples: awards, special materials, mailings, etc.).
  3. The competition has a committee with members and officers on rotating terms to include having a CSM member on the committee. The duties of the committee will be to monitor the competition each year, revise rules, provide training for judges, etc.
  4. The competition should be updated each year to provide new challenges to each year’s competition.
  5. The competition must be shown to be successful at the regional competition level.

Questions should be directed to ASCE Student Services
at 703.295.6105 or