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Online submission of Annual Reports

ASCE Student Organizations now have the option of submitting their Annual Reports online.

All Faculty Advisors have been sent a unique link to access a folder for uploading their Annual Report to ASCE's Xythos file storage system.  (To have the link re-sent, contact

To Upload Documents to the ASCE Xythos System:

1. Click the link you were sent via email to access your Student Organization folder.
2. Click the Upload icon in the upper right section of the Xythos window.
3. If a window appears asking you to run a Java applet, click Run.
4. Click Browse, then navigate to and select the file you want to upload.
5. Click Add File and repeat Step 4 until all files you want to upload have been selected.
6. Click Start Upload to upload the file(s).

If you choose to upload your file to the ASCE Xythos file storage system, you DO NOT need to send a hard copy (or an electronic copy on CD/DVD or USB) via regular mail as was required in the past.

We strongly suggest you make sure you are able to upload files prior to the February 1 deadline.  (You can upload/delete test files at any time).

If you encounter any problems, please contact