What to wear and bring?


 Dress for the workshop is business casual.  Wear your ASCE or AEI Student Organization shirts!  Consider bringing extras to exchange with other schools.

Student Organization Poster Display

Bring a poster describing the ASCE or AEI program at your school.  Be sure to include vital statistics: university name, size of school, whether it is primarily a commuter or residential school, department size, and ASCE/AEI Student Organization size.  You may consider: a campus map; a map of the town where the school is located; photos of the engineering building, Student Organization activities and representatives; most recent annual report.

Student Organization Introductory Slide

Prior to the WSCL, your Student Organization must submit an introductory PowerPoint slide about your ASCE/AEI Student Organization.  The slide template will be e-mailed to your Student Organization after your registration is processed. 

More information about the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders