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Task Committee on Sustainable Design 

September 16, 2009 


Strategic Issue -- the motive to act

A more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable natural and built environment is essential and achievable. This need and opportunity underscores civil engineers’ evolving role as policy leaders, environmental stewards, and life-cycle planners. At this time, civil engineers are not perceived to be significant contributors to a sustainable world.

Desired Outcomes -- conditions that will exist when this issue is favorably resolved

  • The principles of sustainability are fully integrated into ASCE’s policies, education, outreach, and practices.
  • ASCE is advocating for a robust, ongoing program of research in sustainable technologies and practices.
  • ASCE is a leader, actively sharing its principles and practices of sustainability worldwide among developing and developed nations.
  • ASCE and civil engineers are recognized and sought after as leading and trusted advisors in attaining a sustainable world.
  • Civil engineers fully understand, embrace, and apply the principles and practices of sustainability in their work.
  • Public and private sector decision makers and the general public understand and acknowledge sustainability and the essential role of civil engineers in achieving it.
  • At the October 2009 ASCE Board of Direction meeting, ASCE will decide whether or not to lead the establishment of a widely recognized framework for project and/or professional credentialing that advances sustainability principles in civil engineering.

Actions -- required to achieve these outcomes

Guiding Principles -- parameters placed on the strategy managers

  • Consider the technical, environmental, economic, social, and political dimensions while ethically and responsibly carrying out the actions.
  • Proactively seek collaborative opportunities domestically and internationally with other disciplines and organizations.