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Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

Envision™ Sustainable Infrastructure
Rating System  

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) launched its core product, the sustainable infrastructure rating system Envision™, in January 2012. The system evaluates, grades and gives recognition to infrastructure projects that provide progress for and contributions to a sustainable future. Its purpose is to foster a necessary and dramatic improvement in the performance and resiliency of physical infrastructure across the full dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

In today’s environment in which infrastructure must perform, it has become increasingly challenging as demands for energy and water resources climb. The professionals who design and build these projects face a tall order in the years ahead: satisfying ever-growing demand, while at the same time responsibly addressing the potential effects caused by climate change and the increasing demand for resources, through integrating sustainable techniques in infrastructure design and construction. The works that best meet those challenges – and can serve as an example to others – can qualify for verification under Envision™, the first rating system to gauge infrastructure sustainability. 

Envision™ takes a new tack by establishing a holistic framework for evaluating and rating infrastructure projects against the needs and values of the community; ensuring that the true sustainability of tomorrow’s infrastructure is addressed by considering the entire life cycle of projects at a systems level.  In addition, this infrastructure rating system raises the bar on sustainability performance by recognizing efforts that replenish and restore natural resources and ecosystems, and evaluating infrastructure throughout its full life, with ratings for design and planning, construction, operations, and decommissioning. To do this, the initial release of Envision™ addresses the design and planning phase with subsequent phase ratings to follow.

Envision™ is the product of a strategic alliance among several organizations, including the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, a nonprofit organization co-founded by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Public Works Association, and the American Council of Engineering Companies; and Harvard University's Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure.  

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Version 2.0 of Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

The Envision™ rating system is a project assessment and guidance tool for sustainable infrastructure design. It is an objective framework of criteria and performance achievements that helps users identify ways in which sustainable approaches can be used to plan, design, construct, and operate infrastructure projects. Envision™ provides an opportunity for infrastructure owners and designers to be recognized for using a life cycle approach, working with communities, and using a restorative approach to infrastructure projects.