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Review the 2014 National Climate Assessment

National Climate Assessment

ASCE Seeks Input by Feb. 15 for
2014 National Climate Assessment Comments

The National Climate Assessment is an important resource for understanding and communicating climate change science and impacts in the United States. Mandated by the Global Change Research Act of 1990, the NCA is developed by 13 participating federal agencies, including  EPA, NOAA and NSF.

A draft of the 2014 NCA is being released for public comment on January 14. ASCE's Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate, in cooperation with other ASCE entities, will conduct the Society’s review and submit official comments. ASCE members are invited to review the draft and submit input to ASCE by Friday, Feb. 15 for possible inclusion in the official comments. Members may also comment directly on the NCA.

The NCA integrates scientific information from multiple sources and sectors to highlight key findings about already observed changes, the current status of the climate, and anticipated trends for the future.  The findings from the NCA provide input to federal science priorities and are used by U.S. engineers, citizens, communities, and businesses as they create more sustainable and environmentally sound plans for the nation’s future.

Reviewers are encouraged to make recommendations to improve the draft and to suggest areas for additional research. Research recommendations can influence the agendas of the 13 federal agencies participating in the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

To download the draft or learn more, visit

Specific guidance for reviewers

ASCE's Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate, in cooperation with other ASCE entities, will prepare the Society’s review of NCA. The review will recommend improvements in the NCA and recommend research relevant to civil engineering practice. It will be limited to the scopes of the following three relevant ASCE policies:

Policy Statement 360, Impacts of Climate Change
Policy Statement 418, The Role of the Civil Engineer in Sustainable Development
Policy Statement 488, Greenhouse Gases

The review process will not be used to add to or modify those policies, although this process may suggest future efforts to do so. Furthermore, comments that fall outside the technical competence of ASCE or the scope of ASCE’s policy statements (such as comments about the validity of underlying climate research or the causes of climate change) will not be used in the development of ASCE’s review of NCA. However, such comments may be submitted by individuals directly to the Global Climate Research Program.

Review timeline

  • By Friday, Feb. 15, send your review using the NCA review template to the ASCE NCA review team at (ASCE entities submitting review comments should submit them to their designated point of contact.) Note only comments within the scopes of ASCE Policy Statements 360, 418 and 488 will be considered.
  • In addition, by April 12, you may send a personal review directly to NCA. The scope of such reviews is not limited to the ASCE policies.