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Thornton, CO, Brantner Gulch at Holly Street

Brantner Gulch at Holly Ave Thornton, CO

Brantner Gulch at Holly Street Project

Location: Thornton, Colorado, United States

Project owner: Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and City of Thornton

Project type: Transit, Water and Wastewater

Budget: $1 million - $5 million

Project description: With a 100-year storm discharge of approximately 3,200 cubic feet per second, the existing dual 48-inch corrugated metal pipe culvert is significantly undersized, and Holly Street has been overtopped frequently during even minor storm events. This project involves replacing the Brantner Gulch culvert with a conduit large enough to accommodate the major storm event without overtopping Holly Street, while also providing a pedestrian underpass that stays dry during minor storm events. The project also involves raising and widening Holly Street to a full arterial road section that includes two lanes in each direction.

How it satisfies the "triple bottom line" approach (economic, environmental, social), including innovative aspects:
By widening the road and increasing flood protection, traffic flows were improved by decreasing commute time thereby reducing lost productivity; also by reducing the frequency and severity of repairs required after overtopping by minor flood events.
Environmental: This project sustains and protects an existing stand of wetlands upstream of the project area, provides for safer passage of wildlife underneath the arterial road, and stabilizes a section of drainageway that had become unstable due to upstream development within the watershed.
Social: Provides enhanced trail connectivity and removes a bottleneck location in Holly Street, as it is only one lane in each direction at Brantner Gulch but has been widened to two lanes in each direction north and south of Brantner Gulch, improves transportation to Shadow Ridge Middle School, which is just northwest of the project site. Improved safety, as Holly Street frequently floods and this project will accommodate up to the 100-year flood without overtopping.

Categories of innovation: Project pathway; project strategy and management; land use and restoration; ecology and biodiversity; water resources and environment; resource management including waste

Additional resources for information: David J. Skuodas, senior project engineer, Thornton, CO, Urban Drainage and Flood Control District. 303-455-6277;

For more about this project:

Submitted by: David J. Skuodas

Date submitted:
 July 27, 2011

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