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Sustainability On-Demand Courses

On-Demand Courses

Sustain Your Civil Engineering Career

ASCE develops the tools needed to increase and demonstrate your sustainability knowledge.

ASCE professional development tools help civil engineers incorporate sustainability into their daily practice and apply that knowledge to gain a competitive advantage throughout their careers.

Enroll in one of ASCE’s comprehensive online courses. The Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering Certificate Course provides a framework for the strategic design and implementation of sustainable infrastructure. You can also earn certificates in Sustainable Project Management, Ecological Systems, and ASCE's newly released Community Participation course..

Community Participation: Effective Stakeholder Involvement Throughout the Project Lifecycle —NEW! 

ASCE has just released this new on-demand seminar.  This course will prepare you to discuss sustainable development with the public, clients, partners, and regulatory decision-makers with confidence  Your career success as an engineer in the 21st century will be directly related to your skill working with non-engineers, as well as your technical peers, to be a leader on sustainability. Managing projects over a lifetime will require sophisticated understanding of the social and political dynamics presented in this course.  0.5 CEUs.  
Ecological Systems 

In order to successfully implement sustainable infrastructure projects, it is imperative that engineers, managers, and project designers develop a solid understanding of how ecosystems work, and how infrastructure projects can impact them. This includes appreciating the important services provided by ecosystems, and how these services are provided. 0.5 CEUs.

Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering 

ASCE’s groundbreaking new course on the Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering will give you a framework for strategic design and implementation of sustainability. It will cover critical issues associated with the Triple Bottom Line approach to sustainable infrastructure development. 1.5 CEUs.  

Sustainable Project Management—Delivering Projects for a More Sustainable Infrastructure 

There is an urgent need to provide more sustainable infrastructure projects since we are building 2050 now — project by project. A new project management system must be practiced recognizing both the tenants of sustainability and the application of sustainable measures based on the Envision™ Sustainability Rating System sponsored by the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure. 0.8 CEUs.  



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