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Mission Statement

Global challenges in computing and civil engineering cannot be met by the efforts of one country.

Our mission is to:

  • Encourage activities that showcase the best possible use of computing in civil engineering in research, education, and practice.
  • Inspire and promote activities involving international cooperation
  • Identify opportunities with strong possibilities for synergy and mutual benefit
  • Provide leadership in outreach activities to countries with limited access to research resources
  • Disseminate findings

Activities involve various combinations of efforts in research, education and practice. Attractive opportunities are identified mainly through case experience of the participants. Findings are disseminated directly by the Center and through the ASCE Technical Council for Computing and Information Technology.

Expected Results


  • Increased global cooperation in civil engineering
  • Improved ASCE leadership in computing
  • Increased international experience for students


  • Modernization of civil engineering education


  • Heightened international cooperation
  • Technical reports, books, publications, conferences