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Timo Hartmann

Timo HartmannDr. Timo Hartmann is an associate professor at the Construction Management and Engineering department of the University of Twente and the research director of the department's VISICO center. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University exploring the role of advanced decision making systems on construction mega-projects. In his research and practical work he is concerned with the research, development and implementation of advanced simulation and visualization (S&V) systems for the built environment and its transformation. Herein, a specific focus of his work is on how to enable creative multi-disciplinary collaboration and wide stakeholder participation through the use of advanced S&V systems and services. Timo believes that this integration is only possible under consideration of both technical and social factors. Timo is a member of the executive committee of the American Association of Civil Engineer's (ASCE) technical council on computing and information technology (TCCIT) and of the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering (eg-ice). Timo is an active scientific writer, reviewer, and editor.